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New England native Neylan has a rich and diverse passion for the performing arts.  As a dancer, instructor, costume designer and artist she readily pushes for continued growth and artistic expression. Currently located in the Providence Local area, Neylan is well know for her unique blend of Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, Raks Sharki, and World Dance Stylizations. She effortlessly fuses her performances into a rich tapestry of movement that will captivate and inspire.

Neylan began her arts and dance training at the University of Nebraska Lincoln where she holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts.  Upon re-locating back New England in 2000, she started formal Middle Eastern Dance training at Perishable theater in Providence RI learning classical Egyptian Folkloric and Cabaret style .  She soon became a member of Sabra Jamal’s Arabian Village Dance Troupe and then began to branch out as a soloist.

Branching into the world of Tribal and Tribal Fusion, she began studying via workshops by Kami Liddle, Suhaila Salimpour, Rachel Brice, Zafira’s Maria Hamer and Olivia Kissel, Mira Betz, Gypsy Caravan, and Jill Parker and many others.

She remains a vital force in the development of New England’s tribal and tribal fusion community as an instructor and show producer.

In 2002, she began teaching at Dance Oasis of Warwick RI and founded The Daughter’s of Neylan student dance troupe.   The Daughters eventually merged into Blue Moon Caravan, providing her students an launching point to developing troupe and solo work in both Tribal and Tribal Fusion style Belly Dance. 

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photos by Paul Jones of RT2 Photography